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Amazon PPC Controlling – Data drives decisions

When William Edwards Deming famously claimed, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion, ”Amazon was still “just” a river in South America. Amazon may now be a global marketplace, but the essence of his statement still rings true and is very much applicable when it comes to Amazon PPC marketing. Yes, we know: […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Collision

Being a seller today comes with an amazing opportunity: the world’s buyers, available to you on one marketplace. As a tool to capture this potential, Amazon Sponsored Products is very powerful. It enables sellers to test and run many different marketing strategies and campaign setups. Yet, to quote Amazing Fantasy, the 1962 comic book that […]

Understanding Seasonal Influences on your Amazon PPC Marketing

Does seasonality affect the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns? Put simply: yes, it  does. Your overall performance is the result of your keyword-level performance and individual keywords, in fact, can perform very differently over the course of a year. In this article, we’ll talk about the seasonal factors that affect your campaign performance […]

Amazon PPC Expert – Are you really looking for a Consultant to optimize your campaigns?

Are you searching for an expert or consultant who will “take a look” at your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns? If so, you’re probably hoping this approach gives you PPC campaign optimization so you can reach your goals. Let’s be direct: what you’re searching for is not what you really need. PPC optimization involves both process […]

Amazon PPC Strategy

As you consider launching your product on Amazon or seek to be more successful on the platform, you might find yourself with more questions than answers, including: What makes a good product? How should I price my new product? How much should I bid for a click? How do I determine my maximum ACoS? How […]